Hey, there!


Two Lungs Publications was founded by a duo of BA Creative Writing students in November of 2017.

We believe that modern poetry, in all forms, is often shunned. It is our mission to challenge this. Poetry should be available to the masses with little effort required!


Therefore, we aim to outsource the best up-and-coming poetry we can find (either by submission or personal request) to show-case on our website. We offer poets of all ages a safe space, and opportunity, for the spotlight.


No matter how obscure or ordinary you believe your writing is, we maintain the opinion that it holds a deep and personal value. Modern poetry shouldn’t become the rejected art of the 21st century.

Our offices are primarily based in Northamptonshire, England. However, don't let this stop you from submitting work to us. We accept and actively seek submissions from around the world!


We publish 3 poets on our website, once a week, every Friday of the month. Occasionally, we post up to 9 poets for special events (such as Pride or International Women's Day). On top of that, we aim to always give you constructive criticism, regardless of whether you're published on our website or not.

We’re very much looking forward to reading your work.


Kyle Keúk & Jemma Shaw (Co-Founders & Senior Editors)